The Pied Piper Children's Theatre &

The Delphi Theatre of NYC

The Community Theatre Ministry of Holy Trinity Church - Inwood

The Pied Piper Actors’ Society

The Pied Piper Actors' Society is a group of approximately 20 PPCT participants ages 12 to 18, who have been involved in at least five PPCT productions in either a stage or tech role, have a special interest in any aspect of the Music/Theatre Arts and have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, teamwork and service. 

Members attend monthly meetings that include theatre classes, discussions about strategic and season planning, spearhead fundraisers (should they be scheduled), maintain the costumes, props and set storage areas, as well as general maintenance of the facilities. 

Members also perform roles in at least one production per season and serve as staff for our productions as assistant directors, stage managers, assistant music directors, assistant house managers, assistant costume designers and lighting board and spot operators. Members must meet the minimum requirements each year for attendance, performance and service.