The Pied Piper Children's Theatre &

The Delphi Theatre of NYC

The Community Theatre Ministry of Holy Trinity Church Inwood



Started in 2003 as a branch of PPCT, the Delphi Theatre presents operas, musicals, plays, stage readings of new works and concerts. This theatre has as its mission to further enrich the community by providing a variety of stage productions involving professional performers, adults from the community and the participants of The Pied Piper Children’s Theatre of NYC. The theatre has already been recognized for achieving high artistic standards, and giving opportunities to up and coming actors, opera singers, stage directors, conductors, and playwrights.

Delphi Theatre is currently on hiatus until further notice. 
Check back here for more info in the Fall of 2016.


Dance Night

The next Dance Night is TBA. Check back here for more info.